Family Meeting Notes

Family Meeting Notes Sunday April 17

  • Zach Martinez: Our intern

– come and talk to him to connect with the church across the street and the

homeless ministry

– Great interfaith meeting meeting with the Mosque in town, welcomed by others and really grateful for the experience

– fill out a card if you would like more information on anything.

  • Krissy: Finance Ninja (rep of the management team)

– Reviewed old budget: $9,500 a month is what we used to work with

– giving is down. We cannot do the same budget

– discuss how the finance team can realign budget and also re-up the goals that we have with our budget

– New budget: $8,000

– The biggest cut is in staff. Most staff members are getting half salary but doing the same jobs.

– Hoping for some new things to help us get back on budget and finance our programs and staff fully again

– Push pay is an easy way to give, and we are hoping people will sign up for that so if they are intending to give they can follow through more easily.

– line by line budget is avail on line

– you can shoot an email to for questions etc.

– Lisa: what does it look like to revisit giving?

– Krissy: we look at finances on a monthly basis.

– because we do this we adjust immediately

– We’ve been making on average $6000 a month

– if we can adjust up we will and we hope to get back up to $8,000+ soon

  • David: Elder and Volunteer

– Thank you for your nominations. What a great experience!

– What the elders do: Oversee Staff, Approve the Budget, Pray regularly for Atlas, Approve spiritual direction of Atlas, Hand and voice of Atlas for those in need

Elder Nominations!

We’ve got a whole mess of folks who have been nominated to be elders for the next two years. Here at Atlas Church, we have the privilege of being a part of that selection process. Please pray for God’s guidance as you carefully consider each nominee. Then join us for our next Family Meeting on April 17 during our morning worship gathering where we will affirm five new elders. If you have any questions or concerns about the nominees, please email

To see and read about the nominees, click HERE!


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