Family Meeting Sunday

After our morning gathering (10:50a to 11:30a), we will open up the floor to discuss whatever is on your mind regarding Atlas: questions, the future, how fantastic our hosts are, why the roof deck is the best idea ever (Reason 438: “Espresso inside, not as tasty”) — wherever you want to go.

We will give a quick update on elders, Ping, money, and murals.

Atlas at Night folk are required to attend or we will cancel the evening service again due to low barometric pressure.

Much love – J

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Eating One Another

The grand ambition of the devils in CS Lewis’s Screwtape Letters is to ingest both the souls of the human beings they tempt and to devour one another. The satanic aim is the consumption of other personalities.

The Accuser (and those who reflect him) ingest through accusations.

We know the feeling. When I judge others I am actually feeding. No matter what rank or demographic of person I critique, I cannot help but feel a gain in my self-worth by taking others and putting them below me. When judging others, I feed off the contrast – by proclaiming in my heart another person’s value and setting myself ever so slightly above them.


Luke | #blessed

February 15, 2015

Jeff Cook


40 Ideas for Lent

To help move us into Lent, we found the following post helpful:


By Rachel Held Evans

5 Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. When I wake up on Resurrection Sunday morning, how will I be different? What am I preparing for? 

2. Is there something in my life—a habit, a grudge, a fear, a prejudice, an addiction, an emotional barrier, a form of excess—that keeps me from loving God with my heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving my neighbor as myself? How might I address that over the next 40 days?

3. Lent is a time to listen to God, but sometimes God speaks through others, particularly the poor, oppressed, marginalized, and suffering. To whom should I be listening this season? How can I cultivate a listening posture toward others whose perspective and experiences might differ from my own?

For more: GO HERE


Jamie Wright – #Blessed

If there’s one thing Christians love, it’s being blessed.

Our blessings usually come in the form of material goods or cold, hard cash. But if you do a quick search of hashtag/blessed, you’ll find we also enjoy blessings of health, abundance of any form, good weather, good grades, good food, work promotions, winning games, sleeping babies, coffee, wine, narrowly averted disasters, and, better yet, other people’s disasters -which remind us our lives aren’t as nearly bad as that poor bastard over there. Other blessings include date night, gym time, nap time, quiet time, fishin’ time, and any other time known as “His timing”.

What can I say? We are just so #blessed.


Luke | Meals

February 8, 2015

Collin Cannon, Guest


Pics From Our World

Every February, we enjoy the shared project of shooting pictures together around a theme. These pictures showcase who we are, how we see the world, and what we care about.

Beginning Sunday, we will begin our annual photo-a-day sharing of life through Instagram photos.

Take a look at upcoming topics, start shooting pics, then sit back and watch the kaleidoscopic beauty of our communal perspective.


Hashtag your work #atlasphotoaday and enjoy.