What to Expect

Therefore encourage one another. Build each other up
— 1 Thessalonians 5:11

People begin to arrive at 9:45 am and the church service stars at 10 am. 

Church lasts about one hour. 

We sing some songs, talk to each other a bit, pray, take an offering, hear a teaching all together, receive communion, and sing some more.

Please feel free to participate in anything or nothing. You can stand or sit, pray together or stay silent. Each person connects to God in their own way. If you are not in a place to connect to God yet, that's fine too. We've all been there. Sometimes it is nice just to have a place to be. 

There is usually coffee in the morning, and if we're lucky, someone will bring treats to share. 

Big kids begin the morning with us, and then are dismissed to Sunday school at about 10:20. Little folks (under 5) start the morning with the Atlas Kids' teachers. Don't worry- your first day we will show you around and help your kids get checked in. If you want to see more about our children's programming, go here

We are very casual! Some people wear jeans and some wear dresses. The theme of every morning is be yourself. 

If you would like someone to sit with you your first day, email me, and I will meet you at the door Kelly: kelly@whatisatlas.com