Little Kids Rock
11:00 AM11:00

Little Kids Rock

Hey, Atlas! During the month of August we are adopting the music classroom at Madison Elementary in Greeley. This school is about 95% students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, and their teacher is committed to putting any music resources she can get to great use. We will be accepting donations of:

-Instruments in good condition (of any kind, I will find good homes for them!)

-Guitar and ukulele strings

-Guitar picks and/or pick punchers


-Anything else you can think of!

On August 11th, we will go to Madison Elementary's music classroom from 1-3 pm to build/assemble shelving, do some classroom deep cleaning, and get instruments in good shape for the start of the school year. Please join us - there is a job for everyone, even if instruments are not your thing!\

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Out of Darkness walk
1:00 PM13:00

Out of Darkness walk

Help us raise awareness of suicide and money to support “Out of Darkness”

Why Walk?

Because we need to change the culture.
Depression, bipolar, anxiety disorder, and other mental health conditions will affect 1 in 4 of us during our lives, and yet too often these illnesses go untreated. In the United States alone someone attempts suicide every minute.

Because students can save lives.
Students are a force for change. Be a part of this walk and join thousands of students across the country to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Because we can prevent suicide.
Together we can bring mental health conditions like depression and anxiety out of the darkness and put a stop to this loss of life.

Walk to support a friend, a loved one, or yourself. We all have a reason to walk, and each reason connects us.

Go here to donate:

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Bake of Love
1:00 PM13:00

Bake of Love

Bake goods and deliver to local businesses to tell retail workers we care about them. The holidays are a busy (and sometimes thankless) season. Let’s show a little love.

We need volunteer houses and ovens for this event! Please contact Krissy ASAP if interested:

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Enneagram Workshop
to Feb 10

Enneagram Workshop

It's time for an Enneagram Conference! 

I bet you have questions. For example:

(1) How do I get involved?

Tell us you are coming and show up.

(2) Is it free?

Yes, for the first 30 folks who tell us they are in. After that we will ask for $5 to cover some costs. 

(3) Free! what's the catch?

We really (really!) like this material and want to have a stellar time with our friends and city talking about it.

(4) So what is the Enneagram anyway?

It's a tool for understanding what motivates us and others. Many of us have encountered the Enneagram in just pst 5 years and it has made a huge difference in our lives.

More technically, the Enneagram is a personality typing system (kinda like the Myers-Briggs) that helps us understand why we do what we do. 

(5) Who are the scrubs leading this?

Jeff Cook teaches philosophy at UNC and has presented the Enneagram to over a thousand students in collegiate and high school workshops.

TJ Wilson has an advanced-grand-master-virtuoso-blackbelt in Enneagram insight and has led numerous discussions, round tables and individual counseling sessions. 

(6) Can I bring a friend?

Sign them up.

(7) Can I bring all of my co-workers?

Sign them up.

(8) Can I bring all of my family?

The material may bore those 8th grade and under. We will likely talk about more mature topics (relationships, work-life, family struggles), but it should be accessible to those 10 and up if they are interested.

(8) What If I don't know anything about the Enneagram?

Friday night from 6-8:30p we will start the workshop focusing on you and your number and giving an intro

(9) Will Friday night be too basic for me if I've already read a book or two?

Nope, we will use Friday night to go deeper and encourage discussion about your number. We will likewise have a panel of folks (who we think emotionally healthy) who will talk about their experience of their number. 

(10) What's Saturday about?

We will be talking about your number and how you relate to others in your life: why you are attracted to them, discouraged by them, frustrated by them, and how to navigate your relationships better.

(11) Will there be food?

You can buy all kinds of grub and caffeinated drinks at John Galt Coffee the front of the building.

(12) Will there be door prizes?

Only for 3s and Denver Broncos fans.

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