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JEFF COOK (Teaching Pastor) grew up in Carbondale, Colorado and moved to Greeley in 1994. He teaches philosophy at the University of Northern Colorado and writes books on Jesus, virtue, and the good life. He lives near UNC with his wife and two boys. You can see more of his work at : www.everythingnew.org . @jeffvcook Connect with him at whatisatlas@gmail.com


STACEY CAMPBELL (Pastor of Spiritual Formation) grew up in Missouri and moved to Colorado in 1992, but then stupidly moved away and back a couple times before landing here again in 2002. He is an entrepreneur, writer, story-teller, organizational consultant, cultural architect, and personal coach. He loves spending times with good friends, being surprised by Jesus, and empowering others to be the best version of themselves possible. He is the hub for helping our Atlas community find their place with each other and in God’s story. He has been married to Ann for over two decades and has three teenagers and two dogs. His favorite past-time is writing bios about himself. Connect : stacey@whatisatlas.com


Eric and amy

ERIC LONG & AMY LONG (Directors of PING the children 5-10). They oversee our ministry to children and the family. Eric and Amy create curriculum and lessons designed to help your child begin connecting with God in a safe, fun, and hands-on environment. They help make Bible stories real and the promises of God tangible. email: ping@whatisatlas.com



JACLYN MCKINNON (Director of PING ages 0-4). Jackie teaches Middle school math in Eaton. She is an avid runner and coach. She moved to Greeley from Chicago, where she returns to visit family and run the Chicago marathon every year. Jaclyn loves introducing the littlest in our community to the real love of God.