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    Kids ages 0-10


Welcome to PING!

Providing Spiritual and Biblical learning for children ages 0-10.

If your child is:

0-4 years old we offer Atlas under 5 (located in the church across the street). Our partnership with our church neighbor allows us to provide a room equipped with everything we need, including a crib, a pack and play for naps, and a variety of age appropriate games and activities. Pre-PING is staffed by three Love and Logic trained teachers in addition to volunteers from our congregation.

 The activities, games, songs, and lessons in Pre-Ping focus on Five Main topics

1. God made everything

2. God loves and sustains everything

3. Jesus is God’s Son and was an actual living man

4. There is a Holy Spirit that helps us make good choices.

5. Jesus is an excellent model of God’s life and love for us to follow.

If your child is:

5-10 years we offer Atlas under 10 (located in the church across the street). Ping is staffed by three Love and Logic trained teachers in addition to volunteers from our congregation.

The lessons and activities in PING parallel the topics covered by the Atlas teaching team on Sunday. We believe that boiling down the adult concepts for the children allows parents and their children to have spiritual conversations together throughout the week. We also sing songs that the grownups sing, and sometimes perform and participate in the “big” Atlas service. In the summer, we have a wonderful week long Vacation Bible School that we offer to many of our age groups.

The activities, games, songs, and lessons in Ping focus on Five Main topics:

1. The Bible: Its main characters and its stories. (Knowledge of God)

2. Jesus and his parables (Experience life with Jesus)

3. Broken things need to be fixed. (Outreach and Servant-hood)

4. You can Pray. (Talk with God, Try to Listen to God)

5. The Trinity is better understood in a community.


As a community of learners, we invite you to be a part of God’s life for us at all ages. From 0-100, PING and Atlas aim provide a jumping off point for your best life, which is found in Christ.

Whatever point your family is on your journey,

YOU are welcome here.

Rather than just observe, we long to have you participate in that real life with us. If you wish to volunteer or teach a lesson let us know! You can create it yourself, based on the adult service topic, or use one of our ready-made 5-10 minute lessons. We make it easy & fun for you to work with the kids! Volunteers only miss the first 20 minutes of the service, so you will still catch the sermon, communion, final worship songs and be able to hang out afterward Atlas. Pick up time for children in both age groups is typically 10-15 minutes after the conclusion of Atlas.

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For info on anything PING, contact Amy: 970-590-5526 or longa@froniteracademy.net

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