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Atlas is lucky to have a bunch of volunteer elders to work along side our staff. They represent Atlas and help guide the spiritual formation of our community. They look out for us, pray for us, and basically serve as the overseers of our church. Some of them are full-time and some are alternates. Our elders are:

David Bissell
Adam Hayes
Chloe Hinton
Mel Jensen
Emily Nelson
Megan Packard
Layne Peterson
Dave Powell
Elders are responsible for:
  • Overseeing staff
  • Approving the budget
  • Praying regularly for Atlas
  • Approving the spiritual direction of Atlas
  • Being the hands and voice of Atlas for those in need
  • Overseeing the Management Team:
    • Stacey Campbell
    • Mel Jensen
    • Krissy Frierose
Contact them: elders@whatisatlas.com